Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting from Zero Point Nothing

I'm in Darhan now.

I'm training deaf kids. YEAH. I love shock, because it is a close friend of denial, which means nothing amazing has happened at all. Anyways, came here by train, that was kinda cool,

. . . other than the attendants didn't wake us up and we went all the way up to Selenge, which is next to Russia, and had to come back. Other that, we've just been running around up here.

[Mom thinks Selenge (the city) is about as far from Russia has Darhan but Suhbaatar is MUCH closer and on the Transmongolian Railway. However, Mom has since learned that the aimag (province) of Selenge surrounds the Darhan-Uul aimag which was carved out of the Selenge aimag in 1994. So one would end up in Selenge (the province) on the way to Russia from Darhan.]

We're opening a sign language branch up here so that means we are starting from a total membership of ZERO POINT NOTHING. Well not nothing, just the disorganized void, and from these referrals we will organize a branch for them. That they ay go to church there on it [Mom has no idea how to fix this sentence].

Got the pants, I’m wearing them now.

Or am I?

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