Monday, October 27, 2008

Head Butt: Just Do It

Yes I have the coat, but nothing else yet.

So transfers happened. Naisbitt is off in city land and my new boy is named Khuyagaa. I’ve been teaming with one of the branch missionaries until my companion flies in. His name is Martbold, he's a stud.

All of my good investigators are going to the city or the country.

Other than that not a lot has happened. It snowed, that was pretty cool. It was only like 6 inches but it came down pretty fast with some crazy punch-you-in-the-face wind so I had a chance to test my goggles out. I got a truck load of coal for a family and I spent most of Friday at the airport with all the delays and junk. Everyone cried when Naisbitt left.

Sat down with someone and taught the 2nd lesson for 2 hours until it clicked in their head and then they were really happy about that.

Going to the black market today to try and save the church Halloween party. Everyone is waiting for everyone else to get it set up so we just decided to do it without asking anyone.

One of the inactive youth got really mad and challenged me to a head butting contest. He lost. He came to church Sunday and has been much calmer ever since.

It's been pretty sweet rolling with all the branch dudes the last couple days. They're all a bunch of funny guys that want to work.

Someone had been stealing junk from the church, so Naisbitt and I spent the last week of the transfer pulling late night guard duty. That was a cool way to go out.

This computer is running on windows 1998. I can't send pictures.

The secret to letting IT in is JUST DO IT. I realized that a few weeks ago. Everything we need to do is sitting right on our noses but sometimes we're kinda Jewish and shoot beyond the mark and think too much.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beware Elders with Hand Tools

So the reason my letter is late is because my companion drilled me in the kidneys with a shovel. By that I mean we had service yesterday so P-day is today. But yeah, he got me pretty good. We're playing baseball with a shovel and an old potato and right when he went for a low inside hit the head came right off. It was pretty cool.

The Mission President called me Tuesday; I want to do better work.

Transfers are happening this week. Haven't got transfer calls yet but it seems like I'm staying.

Oh yeah, we destroyed a house last week. That was freaking sweet. They told us it would take about 6 hours to take the whole house down, and it was going to but Naisbitt and I got hold of a hammer and crow bar and did it in 2. As a note though, taking out a roof while you are under it takes a lot of dexterity, or the willingness to elbow falling 2x4s. Then we did a flying jump kick to take out one of the walls. There was a lot of aggression to take out this week.

I called Elder Romney; he's shining the light without Naisbitt.

And I'll never tell how I'm doing it.

That's freaking awesome about meeting the America’s Army design team.