Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Went to God

So this week.... managed to keep everyone alive.

I had one of those "whoa" experiences, well not one a lot this week.

I was sitting up on the stand this week, but for once I actually got to go sit down in the seats and watch the primary kids do their presentation. Feels odd now, haven't got to go sit with members or investigators in 4 months. But it was the thing before this that made it feel even more different. I was looking at all 133 people and I knew every single one of them. And it wasn't just in general. I looked out and knew almost everyone’s story, what they had been through, how the family was who didn’t come today and all that. Of course, there are some I know much better than others, but I have a general bead on everyone. It’s funny, when I first got here I had to always ask people who they were, but now a lot of times I know more than a lot of the members. Every single one of them is "my peep" now, to speak.

One of the 15 year old teachers came up and asked how long would I stay (I've actually been getting asked that a lot lately).

All I could really say was “Dunno, as long as they'll let me stay. A long time I hope.”

To which he just put his arm around me and said “me too”.

I translated the entire movie The Testaments one morning.

I’ve been working a lot with the branch setting up all of the end of the year stuff and reports (and to Cody, I'm clerk biz dee. and the past people have messed up the account so bad that our standing bank balance is so messed up that the professional district clerk is totally confused) one of the members was joking around and said that "we'd all be screwed if you left". I’ve spending a lot of time sharpening the saw so to speak. There are lots of dormant people waiting around here.

Then I went "To God". So, one of the return missionaries wanted to go see one of the largest stone Buddha statues in the world. And originally we had a great plan and stuff and it was going to be perfect, we even got approval to go out there. But at 3:30 in the morning on the day after p-day (after being harassed twice by border patrol and a lot of stuff) when I called the ZLs and said I was home, the story was now a lot different. I am now again mission wide famous for being stu… uh "me", and the brand new father of the rule that no elder is ever allowed 100 km out of their work area. I will tell that story next week after I stop giggling.

Huur ni ungursuuuuuuuuuun.

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