Monday, November 10, 2008

Can't Pick Your Companion but What About His Nose

So, this week was a lot of cool stuff marred by a lot of dumb stuff.

Being a trainer is interesting as usual. I'm trying to let him learn the virtue of being quiet on his own, but I think if he tries to take over one more sacrament meeting or priesthood quorum (or branch missionary meeting or district meeting or branch presidency meeting or choir practice or discussion in the hall or...) I might have to protect him from some people. Oh to be that young and full of energy again. He’s learning though and that more than I can say for myself sometimes.

The other American should be here by Wednesday, it'll be cool to have the whole district here.

Had some cool teaching experiences with some of the branch members this week. Spontaneously started a conversation that turned into a 2 hour meeting on all the things everyone wants to start working on. It was sweet.

I was reading from Jesus the Christ this week and thinking about some of the things that were written about the apostles and the concept of the unprofitable servant. God never expected them to be good at anything at the start. If that were the case the apostles never would have been apostles. God only expects us to DO, not to do well; the well part comes in after we try in faith because that’s where he picks it up for us. I worry too much about trying to do things better than I probably can. Heavenly Father rewards us and the work when we do, and when I think about it in Doctrine and Covenants Section 4 it never said anything about being good at it, just doing it with a dedication to the Father.

I learned this from our 2 youngest branch missionaries this week during a teaching. They went out there and every 3 word out of their mouths was a mistake. Then almost everyone teased them until they were so ashamed they couldn't speak. In contrast I couldn't have been more proud of my senior companions at that moment straightened up and didn’t mutter a word against them. Despite of their total lack of experience I could feel the Spirit as they taught and a very tangible feeling of love for them being the ones that went out there. The parable of the servants with 1, 2, and 5 coins seemed somewhat applicable with a switch. Our two branch missionaries had both turned their 2 coins into 4, but in this case the more experienced missionaries had let their 5 sit and do nothing. To defy human logic as usual, their few coins in action were worth so much more than our many sitting idle. I need to remember that God just wants me to try, not to be perfect at first.

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  1. High-fives, Chris! Reading this post actually made me feel a lot better about things going on in my life. :) Is it just me or are you getting wiser all the sudden?
    Anyway, looking forward to your next letter.