Monday, November 3, 2008

Snowing Hard and I LOVE It

So my kid did come,

Bundle of joy?

and then we did some stuff.

Parenting is HARD work!

My communication skills have really gone down the hole lately, but as with most things, they come back.

Khuyagaa is a sweet kid. He'll be really great when he calms down again. Remember when we'd take Teddy and put him in a new place and he would run around freaking out for about five minutes and calm down. He's kinda like that right now, but then again so is everyone their first week. It's been kind of interesting to review my own mission sometimes. You think things are going to be one way and you go for it full tilt, but sometimes you head smack into the cold hall wall of reality. We kind of remind me of the missionaries from Best 2 Years.

If I ever make a missionary movie I'm going to add something from this week. We were talking about how to do ITLs (talking to people on the street) and then he got so worked up that he ran up behind the first person he saw to talk to them. The lady responded by running the other direction until he stopped following her. He's going to be a great missionary when he gets a little experience to go with all the enthusiasm.

Being a part of the branch presidency is interesting sometimes. I’ve heard a lot of "Why hasn't this happened yet?" But it's usually phrased in "Byrd, why haven't you fixed it yet?!" It's an interesting balance to find weaving around trying to get stuff done and stepping on everyone’s toes. Sometimes it feels like even if someone wants you to do something they don't want to admit or say that it needs done. But whatever, it always gets worked out. It’s good practice.

Anyways, it's cold, snowing, hard and I love it.

Nothing Like a Cooling Breeze

I totally forgot DiRegolo's name. Since you sent that picture of him with his kid, everyone thinks he's my missionary.

L2R DiRegolo,Byrd,Brimley 2007


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