Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tag Team Translation

Anywho. Sister Garrett and I translated General Conference into sign language (took turns each session). Doing all of Priesthood session non-stop was a brain killer. It was pretty sweet. Sat in on part of the Mongolian session, understood everything. I remember a week into the MTC listening to conference on the internet and I couldn’t even pick up the names of the apostles, much less the simple words that I knew at the time. Woop.

Tegeed. We have a baptism this Friday. He's a pretty sweet kid. Well, by kid he's like 20 or so. We went around this week to meet with a lot of families. The Mission President laid down the law that it is no longer allowed to teach lessons at the church, so it finally dislodged the excuse that "it's too hard" and we go out into people’s homes now.

We found out that some of the other pastors had been coming over and saying all sorts of crazy stuff about the church. (1) You'll get weak and even die if you don’t drink tea; (2) we teach the youth to jump off buildings because the Lord will save them; (3) we beat people that don't agree with us.

I answered in order (1) I'm 6 foot 2, 215 pounds, walk a minimum of 10 km a day, you've seen me one arm dead lift your son off the ground, and I don’t even know what tea tastes like. Think about it. (2) If we teach all the youth to jump off buildings, how would it even be possible for me to be here meeting with you seeing that I am one of those youth? (3) I'm sitting here laughing and talking with you and as stated in item (1) it is not due to lack of ability to do otherwise. By the end there was a general consensus that what they had been told before really didn't make sense and it was probably good for them to go to church.

I really want to dig a hole or do some kind of service, but everyone here is rich. Random thought.

If there was anything else to say I think my brain is to blown to remember it.

Hey, we just round out from the Area presidency that Elder Ganbold can do the baptism Friday. SWEET

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