Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Chillin Out Here

I had another experience with the gift of tongues, which is now in the unwavering testimony category . . . then I went and played soccer.

Other stuff. Transfer, nothing changed, still chillin out here.

Tegeed. The young girl we teach sign language to, is growing at an awe inspiring pace. In the last 2 months she’s gone from nothing and always sitting on her own, to interacting with everyone, participating in choir, telling stories about the funny stuff that happened in her day, expressing a wide array of emotions and thoughts about things. It's really amazing.

Works good, got another kid prepping for baptism this week. Lots of people, such as the pastors from the other church are going out on double duty to lie about us. He’s even saying that he came up to me and thrashed me so good that I couldn't respond from the scriptures and such, which is a lie, and in fact it was the other way around.

Anyways, freak, I’m dead, Elder Jones is dead in 5 weeks, Now not Elder just Alex Harding goes home with his parents in 3 days, and then me. Dang. I just got letters from a lot of people in my old areas, all ending on "wow, I can’t believe you go home in 3 months, actually exactly from today its 3.

Anyways, my brains all burned out from the last couple days worth of stuff. Love you and stuff.

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