Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm alive. My English is BAD.

Well, im going to call tomorrow morning so I don't know what to write.

Translated an interview for the other deaf Elder. Never thought I would be translating for an Area 70, much less in Mongolian sign language. After the Zone Conference his wife came up to compliment me on how well I was doing, but I couldn't generate understanable English, and at a certain point I just stopped trying to say anything and said thank you.

Elder Byambadorj got up at the end and started talking about his first transfer with me and then said sorry for being so stubborn. Everyone was laughing so hard you almost couldnt hear anything.

Other than that life is good. Got the books and foot ball. Companion is really happy. Translating everything into Mongolian for him, and at the end of the transfer I'm just going to give it all to him. At first he thought I was getting just for my self, but when I told him that they were for him and I would get everything into mongolian for him he was giddy. Imagine a little poor kid getting the prefect Christmas present he never thought he would get. My companion kinda looked like that. No macaroni here, but I can get you a wolf ankle bone pendant. That's way cooler out here.

Love you Mommy.

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