Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nifty Yum Bailee

Weather is warm. Didn't get my camera but got pictures on other peoples cards and stuff.

Only ate 120 buuz this year [Mom update: down from 200 last year]. Desire kind of ran out and not that many people invited us anyways. Plus, I didn't have my deel on day one. Called up the Zone leaders that night and they said they would send it the next morning, but they forgot. So I called up another set of Zones and got it sent in a miker from the city.

The miker driver called at 2 in the morning; I went stumbling out the door with my companion, and at that hour I really couldn't put on friendly niceties. Due to the half stumbling drunk nature of my walking the driver thought I was a thief until he realized I was white. Then we walked around a lot and drank airag and stuff.

Then there was zone conference; translated the whole thing into sign language. It was pretty cool making new connections among faith, testimony, and hope. Nifty yum bailee. Works doing good, got some people getting ready to go in for interviews and stuff, and I'm going to go translate one pretty soon. Whoop.

Oh yeah, got a picture of my three children and grandson. yay, my posterity grows. Tegeed, yeah, I dunno. I’m trying to round up pictures from people and stuff. We moved our cleaner today.

I'll nab pictures and yavuulna them.

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