Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday [Mom]


Yeah, it's Tuesday, and we just had a mission conference with Elder Nelson yesterday. There is lots of stuff that can't really be fully explained. Let’s say he opened his talk with, "I feel there are many of you here today who have come fasting and praying to find an answer to something from me. So, ask." I had a strong desire to ask myself but had the very strong prompting that everything I wanted to know would be said, but there was someone else here who needed to have a prophet speak directly to them. And in retrospect I understand it well. On the cool easy to understand side of things, "write in you journals about the church in Mongolia now when you are working with branches here and the way you think the church is already established in Mongolia, and then show them to your grandchildren when there are stakeS, missionS, and a temple in this country. Yeah.

Train rides are cool.

Bumped into the lead pastor of the deaf church in Darkhan, and since she and her husband have connections with everyone in town they are saying that we are these horribly scary people that brain wash and beat people up. All of our investigators heard it, but one guy was pretty funny about it, he heard about how we were horrible people abusers as we were setting up a service project to install a light bulb based door bell at his apartment. Ha-ha funny, oh yeah, and as usual the pastor told us there was no difference between her and us on any doctrinal level, in a moment of unusual bluntness for me I told her the difference was that God chose the church’s Prophet and he in turn chose the rest, but she chose herself and that’s where her authority ends. She wants to meet later.

APs didn't take my camera to get fixed, going to try to get it done on my own. Going camera-gui over Tsagaan Sar would suck.

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