Monday, October 20, 2008

Beware Elders with Hand Tools

So the reason my letter is late is because my companion drilled me in the kidneys with a shovel. By that I mean we had service yesterday so P-day is today. But yeah, he got me pretty good. We're playing baseball with a shovel and an old potato and right when he went for a low inside hit the head came right off. It was pretty cool.

The Mission President called me Tuesday; I want to do better work.

Transfers are happening this week. Haven't got transfer calls yet but it seems like I'm staying.

Oh yeah, we destroyed a house last week. That was freaking sweet. They told us it would take about 6 hours to take the whole house down, and it was going to but Naisbitt and I got hold of a hammer and crow bar and did it in 2. As a note though, taking out a roof while you are under it takes a lot of dexterity, or the willingness to elbow falling 2x4s. Then we did a flying jump kick to take out one of the walls. There was a lot of aggression to take out this week.

I called Elder Romney; he's shining the light without Naisbitt.

And I'll never tell how I'm doing it.

That's freaking awesome about meeting the America’s Army design team.

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